2020 rare good news


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What happened  to us ?

This was our first time running a bar restaurant, our first family business. We designed the place with minimal funding, a lot of love and hard work, we made everything by hand, and homemade but unfortunately this was not enough to conform with the laws and regulations. In June 2019,  the space had to close, only to re-open once the refurbishment was completed. We were left in a state of panic due to the sudden closing of the space, we really thought it would be the end, it was a tough year for our core team. 2020 arrived and did not make things easier, the world closed down and culture everywhere became in great danger. Culture and the spaces that are necessary for people to stay connected. Real raw face to face connection is not the same as a zoom call. We all know that very well now. So while we are all doing our best now to fight this global pandemic, we also have to protect our sacred local and independent cultural spaces.

What’s the good news then ?

After all this time, and a lot of paperwork, the permits for the renovation have been approved, we can therefore start refurbishing the space. The refurbishment has been estimated at 30 000  euros. The good news is that it is not impossible. 
We have begun and already spent 5000 euro to demolish all existing installations and restore the floor inside and outside. Now we need you to help us rebuild a new better ATIPICO.

What do you need the money for ?

To be in accordance with the regulations we need to: 
Instal 4 toilets and 4 sinks with ventilation systems.
Rebuild the walls of the bathrooms 
Rebuilt kitchen & bar, buy air extractor and stainless steel appliances and new kitchen equipment.
Change all the doors to fireproof doors, and install fire doors in front of the elevator. 
Build a storage and waste room.
New  tables and chairs
Update existing electric installation 
Ceramique & paint

How can you help?

The best way to help is to donate to this kickstarter, we prepared amazing pledges from you to choose from; they fit all budgets and make amazing gift ideas.  Every single euro counts we believe in the collective power. 
You can also help by sharing this campaign on your social media and talking about it with your friends and family. 
If you want to volontaire your time and help us out to paint or other tasks, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We need all the help possible. Here is our email create@atipico.world

What’s the new project, is it gonna be the same?

ATIPICO will always have the same spirit, it is an ever changing space that moves organically with the time. We will be more or less the same team, the same family. We will adapt to this new world together. 

We will be open from 11 am to late night wednesday to Sunday.  

This will be the new concept:

Brunches & Lunches in the daytime and an amazing environment to come here to work, organise meetings, and relax. 

Sushi & Cocktails in the evening, we will serve a sushi and asian inspired menu accompanied by delicious signature cocktails. 

What about the music ?
The music will be curated by us in collaboration with the many dj and music producers we have worked with in the past. They will produce exclusive sets, soundscapes and music you can listen only at ATIPICO. All of which will be available to download on our website to keep the memories alive in your playlist. This goes without saying we will have a quality sound system. We are looking forward to delivering an amazing experience. Every detail is important to us. Once a month and with the appropriate authorisation we will host an event. Where it will be possible to unleash all creativity.  

That sounds amazing, can I see what the pledges look like ?
Sure, below are some photos but to see them all visit the kickstarter page, we want to thank you for your support. It means the world to us to feel that the community is behind us. Soon we will all be able to meet again. In a complete new world and a new ATIPICO.